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Applied Ontologies for Philosophy

Indiana Philosophy Ontology




Discovery Project

PhiloSpace Ontology

  • 21 classes
  • 20 object properties
  • DL expressivity: ALHI
  • imports Scholarship Ontology, but the URI for this ontology references to a missing resource on

Scholarship Ontology

  • 10 classes
  • 18 object properties
  • DL expressivity: ALHI

Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen

Nietzsche Source


Agora Project

The group present a paper during the Digital Humanities 2014 conference announcing the ontology for philosophy built to represent the content of the TheofPhilo thesaurus, but neither the ontology nor the thesaurus are in open domain.

Models for Bibliographic Resources

bibTex Ontology

bibTex Ontology


BibBase Ontology
  • project webpage
  • ontology
    • 33 classes
    • 12 object properties
    • 59 data properties
    • DL expressivity: ALHN(D)
    • notes:
      • some ontological classes are necessarily empty, i.e., in every model they are interpreted by the empty set, e.g.,
      • this is the result of the fact that the ontology contains properties that are both object properties and data properties, e.g.,


Bibliographic Ontology

Bibliographic Ontology


Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Resources